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Where the boys of Visual Kei face off.
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1st-May-2011 11:45 pm - QUICK CPR!!!!!!
In an attempt to keep this community alive-our poor little community, some changes need to be made. The point of the comm was just to do competitions related to jrock. Like a bunch of over ambitious broads, we bit off more than we can chew (and yes, I'm aware that in England, bit has a another meaning....)

SO!!! We are going to try something new! Is that ok with you Katherines?! I hope so...else...all is lost and we'll never get out of the trunk of obscurity and lame-ity!!!! We're are going to do a weekly poll that changes in theme every week. I know redundant sounding!!!!

We will take requests for what the theme for next week's post shall be....Just put it in the comments, K? 

Here is this weeks poll!!!
Covers versus the originals!! (Awkward sounding, I know but I couldn't think of a better way of putting it...)
I'm back with the fourth batch of battles! I also want to remind you guys that you can still vote on past battles if you haven't yet! Its open until this whole round is done! I will tell you when the final set of battles is being posted. It seems that the battles keep on getting weirder and weirder...

23rd-Apr-2011 11:27 pm - Round One - third batch of battles!

I have your third batch of battles (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and I know you wanna vote yes? Yes? YES!? 
Anyway this round has to be one of the...strangest? At least to me personally, I think its rather random.---BUT! I think it'll still be fun!

ON TO THE BATTLES!!!Collapse )
22nd-Apr-2011 07:54 pm - Round One - second batch of battles!!
We're back with our second batch!!!! I hope you guys liked the first batch. Today we have some pretty interesting battles.....

ON TO THE BATTLES!!!Collapse )
21st-Apr-2011 04:48 pm - First Bunch of Battles
So here we go! We shall begin!!!!! Are you excited to past your judgment? Ready to judge a book by its cover?!!

Alright Katherines!!!! Here are the first six battles of the first round!!!!!

Tomo versus HoshinoCollapse )

Asaki versus SakitoCollapse )
Shinji versus NaoCollapse )
Keiyuu versus Ni~yaCollapse )

Tats versus HitsugiCollapse )

Takeru vesus UruhaCollapse )
20th-Apr-2011 10:51 pm - THE BATTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are the battles! They are listed before hand so, you know that we aren't cheating you! Yes, I know people are missing and there are quite a few older guys. I'm sorry if your boyfriend isn't there o_o...

            ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ B O Y F R I E N D S ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I'm kidding. This is just for fun. We tried to pick the members from famous bands excluding the obviously unattractive ones...Sorry Shinya from Luna Sea, we love you and all but.... Anyways! For the newer bands, the singer was chosen since he is usually the face of the band and the most well known. All the dudes from bands like SID and Alice Nine are in there because they are super popular.

So this is how it goes. We'll go down the list, posting pictures from the battle and you vote. Quite simple, ne?
The battles were completely random which makes it actually very funny.....BATTLE OF THE SEXIESCollapse )
20th-Apr-2011 05:01 pm - Welcome to JROCK COMP
Welcome surfers of the great wide web!

You have found, to your great advantage and enjoyment, JROCK COMP which stands cleverly for Jrock Competition. That's right! You guessed it! In this community we will be regulating competitions that have to do with jrock. These competitions will change of course but to kick off this community, we will do what every fangirl and fanguy openly or secretly loves to do, assess the attractiveness (i.e. hotness) of our beloved jrockers.

Tatsurou "I don't want to face you, I love you!!"

How this competition works:
The competition is bracket style!
Two jrockers face off!
We will show you two pictures of each competitor, one promotional and one candid .
And then, you vote.

The poll will stay open until the round is done. So, you have plenty of time to vote.

In the case of ties, each jrocker advances unless of course, it is the final face off. In that case, we will switch into sudden death mode... What is that? You won't know yet. Sorry, that's top secret unless the unthinkable happens...
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